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KL Trip (4 Dec – 7 Dec)

We took the transtar coach to Kuala Lumpur, cost us about SGD 59 each under the solitaire category,. Very nice recline leather seats. Monitor with quite updated movies, ranging from English to Hindi movies. Although, you do need to bring your own set of earphones as they do not provide it on the coach. The whole journey roughly took 5 hours, we had maybe 2 pit stops, for restroom use mostly. They even serve you food & drinks on board, almost the flight services experience.

Upon reaching KL, they stopped nearing Berjaya Times Square, practically the heart of KL, so getting around was quite convenient. We hopped on a cab to our hotel to check in, Fraser Place, waited roughly one & a half hour for the room to be ready. By the time we physically checked in, we were famished. Head out almost immediate after dropping our bags in the room. We went to KLCC, if you haven’t heard of KLCC, which I highly doubt so, it is the shopping mall right beside the Petronas Twin Towers. It was an estimated 10 minutes walk from our residence. Dined in at Chilli’s, in case you’re wondering, it’s Halal however they do serve alcoholic beverages which contradicts the label.

We went around Bukit Bintang area a lot, I think the best mall will be Sungei Wang Plaza. Very affordable items for sale. I bought most of my things there, clothes & accessories. But of course, Bukit Bintang is big, they have shopping malls along the whole stretch. We didn’t visit all of them, by the time we finished touring 1 shopping mall, we were shagged. Other places to look out for will be Uptown, Danau. Note that there are a few uptown markets in KL, we ended up at uptown damansara instead, there were practically nothing much that I found interesting, I honestly didn’t buy anything except for supper. Ohhh and these uptown/downtown markets are actually night markets, they literally only operate after 10pm so don’t bother to come earlier, you won’t see any shops that are open. Good thing about these night markets is that you can BARGAINNNN! Yes, they put ridiculous prices, like RM 280 for a pair of fake Dr Martens boots, try bargaining to slightly less than half of the price, the key is to not show that you want the item badly. If they refuse to bring down to that price, just walk away, there are a few shops that are selling the same things so chances are you can still get what you want. The idea is to get it at a way better price. The other place you can go is Chowkit, GM plaza, the have wholesale items, buy 6 to get cheaper prices, from what I saw, they sell mostly watches. Shops closes at 7pm, do not wander around the area after 8pm, rumoured to be dangerous. Not to forget, MidValley shopping mall, it is simply huge, you can find everything there, I will say it is affordable, average pricing.

The beauty about imitations, people can’t see or tell the difference.

Travelling around KL, you can walk if you’re up for it, it can be dangerous though. Taxis can be relatively cheap, but they haggle most of the time, try to get one that runs by meter.

Summing up to this, I am definitely coming back! Love the shopping, the atmosphere & the experience.

P.S : Bring you passports with you at all times, got stopped at the road block while travelling in the taxi, the police can lock you up for 24 hours without your passports even if you have your ID & only your embassy can help you then, OR some under table monies, if you catch my drift.


Places to shop
1. Sungei Wang Plaza (Bukit Bintang)
2. Berjaya Times Square
3. Uptown & Downtown markets (Danau, preferred)
4. MidValley Mega Mall
5. GM Plaza (Chowkit)

1. Bring your passports wherever you go
2. Take taxis that goes by the meter.
3. Find a hotel near the heart of KL, Bukit Bintang, Jln Tun Perak, Jln P Ramlee. Save money on transportations.
4. Take the coach instead of the flight, save on taxi fare to the city area.

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